Clean code, S.O.L.I.D., testability, abstractions, separation of concerns, etc.

These and other important iOS / Swift development good practices
explained simply and with memes 🤣

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How to test UIKit & SwiftUI views
  • 2023-06-09
How to test UIKit & SwiftUI views? Explained with memes.

The benefits of having an exhaustive automated tests suite are obvious to anyone who ever worked on an app for more than a few months. We’ve all seen what lack of code maintenance might do: duplication, hidden side effects, convoluted business logic. A project codebase is like a garden -…

how to implement networking client part 2
  • 2023-05-01
How to implement universal networking module in Swift (pt.2)

Let’s pick up where we left off! So far in part 1 we’ve discussed how to make a universal and robust networking client. Now, let’s take a look at how we can make it even better. Arguably, the most important feature of any universal tool is extendibility. We cannot account…

how to implement networking client part 1
  • 2023-04-10
How to implement universal networking module in Swift (pt.1)

What’s the first service you usually implement in an app? It’s either networking or storage, right? And when it comes to networking, what are your choices? Most people either operate on URLSession directly, leveraging its multiple APIs, or add a 3rd party library like Alamofire.  But there is also a…

KISS Views thumbnail
  • 2023-03-21
Why should you KISS your SwiftUI views? Explained with memes

What are KISS SwiftUI Views? If you’ve been a software developer long enough, you’ve surely heard about the Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS) design pattern, right? It states that we should implement our systems the simplest way possible across all the application layers: persistence, services, business logic and the UI. …

App analytics done the right (memical) way
  • 2023-02-11
How to implement app analytics the right way

Picture this: You're finishing up an iOS app, and there's only one feature left to implement - the analytics. The client's marketing team has chosen a reputable framework that should be straightforward to integrate. They've even supplied a document detailing which user actions require tracking. It could take a day…