Clean code, S.O.L.I.D., testability, abstractions, separation of concerns, etc.

These and other important iOS / Swift development good practices
explained simply and with memes 🤣

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When is Single Responsibility Principle helping us write better code?
  • 2024-04-15
When is Single Responsibility Principle helping us write better code?

How many responsibilities should a class have? As many as it needs! This is a common joke, but the reality often is far less amusing... How often do we encounter… “challenging” code annotated with "Do not change!!!" comments? Software development isn't rocket science. There are a few basic rules that most…

How to efficiently bundle assets in an iOS application?
  • 2024-02-24
How to bundle assets in an iOS app?

Picture this: you're just dying to play a car racing game. After a quick scroll through the App Store you find the perfect one. It has cool graphics and some sweet retro cars to race. And it's even free! You're pumped, hit download and wait. Finally, you launch the game…

Career of a software craftsman
  • 2024-01-04
Career of a successful software craftsman

Ever wondered how some developers maintain their passion for their craft after decades in the business? How do they continue to contribute at the highest level? Where do they source their motivation to keep learning? How do they find time to do all this and share their knowledge?Conversely, you've likely…

Why do we need good abstractions?
  • 2023-11-10
Why mobile apps need a good abstraction?

Imagine you’ve just implemented a nice feature. Cleanly separated UI from business logic, added some unit tests, etc. Surely, code review would be a formality. Instead, this insufferable Senior Dev requested that you wrap one of the services with abstraction. Surely, you’ve read somewhere that you should operate on abstractions…

Thumbnail - Why nobody needs a hero in IT? Explained with memes.
  • 2023-09-18
Why every IT hero is forgotten? Explained with memes.

We absolutely must meet this deadline! Can you please do some overtime?Honestly, how many times did you hear that question throughout your career? What was your answer? If you said “no” did the business add any sweeteners?Only you can do it! You're my hero, the best developer I’ve ever met!…